Top House Music • List of new electronic dance songs of May 2018 (IV)

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All the latest Top House Music of May 2018 is in our list of electronic dance songs. All genres: house music, techno, disco, deep house, tech house, nu-disco, EDM, dance, electronica... All the best dance music specially selected for you. Listen, dance and share with your friends!

Waves of Top House Music
It’s Friday so it’s time to listen to our new list with all the Top House Music of May 2018.

All the latest and best electronic dance songs: house music, techno, disco music, deep house, tech house, nu-disco, drum ‘n’ bass, dance …

More than 20 top dance tracks with the best electronic music specially compiled for you. So you can discover, enjoy and dance to them throughout the month.

Original mixes and remixes by David Morales, Jack Wins, Jon Hopkins, Krystal Klear, Lifelike, korean Peggy Gou, SG Lewis with Alex Virgo, Simian Mobile Disco, Terrence Parker, TroyBoi, Urulu, Xinobi, Tensnake, Rex the Dog, Kideko, Yolanda Be Cool with Gotsome and many more!

Listen to a 30 seconds preview of each song below clicking the record. After all the previews you have a playlist if you feel like listening the whole songs.

Just press play, listen, dance and share all the Top House Music with your friends!

Top House Music of 2018

Top House Music

List of top electronic dance songs of May 2018 (IV)

  • 'Back home (ft. Alex Uhlmann)' - David Morales

    Back home (ft. Alex Uhlmann)

    David Morales

    Deep House
  • 'Run it by me (ft. Eliot Porter)' - Human Movement

    Run it by me (ft. Eliot Porter)

    Human Movement

    Soulful House
  • 'Feel my love (ft. Rae Hall)' - Jack Wins

    Feel my love (ft. Rae Hall)

    Jack Wins

    Future House
  • 'Nordschleife' - Jacques Greene


    Jacques Greene

  • 'Everything connected' - Jon Hopkins

    Everything connected

    Jon Hopkins

  • 'Division ave' - Krystal Klear

    Division ave

    Krystal Klear

    Italo Disco
  • 'Miami nice, Pt. 2' - Lifelike

    Miami nice, Pt. 2


  • 'Fever (ft. Jinadu) (Qubiko Remix)' - Mirko Deep

    Fever (ft. Jinadu) (Qubiko Remix)

    Mirko Deep

  • 'Under pressure (ft. Lisa Shaw) (Yam Who Vocal Mix)' - Nightriders

    Under pressure (ft. Lisa Shaw) (Yam Who Vocal Mix)


    Nu Disco
  • 'Travelling without arriving' - Peggy Gou

    Travelling without arriving

    Peggy Gou

  • 'Coming up (Alex Virgo Remix)' - SG Lewis

    Coming up (Alex Virgo Remix)

    SG Lewis

    Nu Disco
  • 'Defender (ft. Deep Throat Choir)' - Simian Mobile Disco

    Defender (ft. Deep Throat Choir)

    Simian Mobile Disco

  • 'Real love (Slave Key Mix)' - Terrence Parker

    Real love (Slave Key Mix)

    Terrence Parker

  • 'My way (The Golden Boy Remix)' - Thandi Phoenix

    My way (The Golden Boy Remix)

    Thandi Phoenix

    Tech House
  • 'Wickedest bounce' - TroyBoi

    Wickedest bounce


  • 'The banshee' - Urulu

    The banshee


    Deep House
  • 'Far away place (Pete Herbert Remix)' - Xinobi

    Far away place (Pete Herbert Remix)


    Nu Disco
  • 'Far away place (Tensnake Remix)' - Xinobi

    Far away place (Tensnake Remix)


    Nu Disco
  • 'Hold it, control it' - Rex the Dog

    Hold it, control it

    Rex the Dog

    Nu Disco
  • 'Dayum' - Mat.Joe



  • 'Good thing (ft. Alex Mills)' - Kideko

    Good thing (ft. Alex Mills)


  • 'Musika (ft. Kwanzaa Posse) (Gotsome Remix)' - Yolanda Be Cool

    Musika (ft. Kwanzaa Posse) (Gotsome Remix)

    Yolanda Be Cool

    Tech House
  • 'Sober (ft. Not3s) (Zac Samuel Remix)' - Dakota

    Sober (ft. Not3s) (Zac Samuel Remix)


  • 'Hustler's anthem' - Detroit's Filthiest

    Hustler's anthem

    Detroit's Filthiest

  • 'Touch me' - Naations

    Touch me


    Big Beat

And if you like what you are listening to, you just have to connect to Logo Spotify to begin to listen to the whole tracks.

This is our last list of Top House Music of May 2018 with all the new Electronic Dance Music.

June is just around the corner and it comes loaded with new records: new Disclosure, Disciples, Róisín Murphy, Medlar, Weiss, Purple Disco Machine and many more.

We are waiting for you next week with our list of the best top dance songs. Always with the best top music specially selected for you.

And remember that you also have the previous lists to hear again all those dance songs that you liked so much.


Tell us what you think about our list of Top House Music songs with all the new Electronic Dance Music of May 2018 and if you are missing any song there.
Waves of Top House Music


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