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Top House Music • List of new electronic dance songs July 2018 (IV)

by Jul 20, 2018Lists of songs

All the latest Top House Music of July 2018 is in our list of electronic dance songs. All genres: house music, techno, disco, deep house, tech house, nu-disco, EDM, dance, electronica... All the best dance music specially selected for you. Listen, dance and share with your friends!

Waves of Top House Music
It’s Friday so it’s time to listen to our new list with all the Top House Music of July 2018.

All the latest and best electronic dance songs: house music, techno, disco music, deep house, tech house, nu-disco, drum ‘n’ bass, dance …

More than 20 top dance tracks with the best electronic music specially compiled for you. So you can discover, enjoy and dance to them throughout the month.

Original mixes and remixes by Boris Dlugosch & CASSARA, Gorillaz, Gerd Janson, Greco, J Paul Getto, Kraak & Smaak, Magnifik, PEZNT, Robert Owens, Theo Kottis, Pirupa, ANOTR, Cassius, Kölsch & Tiga, Róisín Murphy’s new song, TCTS and many more!

Listen to a 30 seconds preview of each song below clicking the record. After all the previews you have a playlist if you feel like listening the whole songs.

Just press play, listen, dance and share all the Top House Music with your friends!

Top House Music of 2018

Top House Music

List of top electronic dance songs of July 2018 (IV)

  • 'Look (Boris Dlugosch & CASSARA Remix)' - Fabique

    Look (Boris Dlugosch & CASSARA Remix)


    Tech House
  • 'Shotgun (Gerd Janson Break Remix)' - George Ezra

    Shotgun (Gerd Janson Break Remix)

    George Ezra

  • 'Lake Zurich' - Gorillaz

    Lake Zurich


    Indie Dance
  • 'Party people (Brillstein Remix)' - Greco

    Party people (Brillstein Remix)


  • 'Make me feel' - J Paul Getto

    Make me feel

    J Paul Getto

  • 'Keep it together (ft. Luxxury) (Bas Roos Remix)' - Kraak & Smaak

    Keep it together (ft. Luxxury) (Bas Roos Remix)

    Kraak & Smaak

  • 'Count to ten (ft. Andrea Kirwin)' - Magnifik

    Count to ten (ft. Andrea Kirwin)


    Deep House
  • 'Everybody loves the sunshine (Scott Diaz Daybreak Mix)' - Nova Fronteira

    Everybody loves the sunshine (Scott Diaz Daybreak Mix)

    Nova Fronteira

  • 'Toxic love (ft. Gregers)' - PEZNT

    Toxic love (ft. Gregers)


  • 'Come together (ft. Groove Assassin)' - Robert Owens

    Come together (ft. Groove Assassin)

    Robert Owens

    Soulful House
  • 'Wanna funk with you (Discotron Remix)' - Soul Power

    Wanna funk with you (Discotron Remix)

    Soul Power

  • 'Acid disco' - Theo Kottis

    Acid disco

    Theo Kottis

  • 'West Avenue' - Pirupa

    West Avenue


    Tech House
  • 'Evolution' - ANOTR



  • 'Where love lives (with Alison Limerick)' - Brooklyn Funk Essentials

    Where love lives (with Alison Limerick)

    Brooklyn Funk Essentials

    Acid Jazz
  • 'W18' - Cassius



  • 'Amber' - Dense & Pika


    Dense & Pika

  • 'HAL' - Kölsch & Tiga


    Kölsch & Tiga

  • 'Plaything' - Róisín Murphy


    Róisín Murphy

  • 'Party like it's your birthday' - Studio Killers

    Party like it's your birthday

    Studio Killers

    Nu Disco
  • 'Bang!' - TCTS + Parx


    TCTS + Parx

    Tech House
  • 'Struggle (Franky Rizardo Sunset Mix)' - Tinush

    Struggle (Franky Rizardo Sunset Mix)


And if you like what you are listening to, you just have to connect to Logo Spotify to begin to listen to the whole tracks.
This is our last list of Top House Music of July 2018 with all the new Electronic Dance Music.

August is just around the corner and it comes loaded with new records: Marquis Hawkes, Low Steppa, Phil Weeks, The Revenge, The Shapeshifters, Waze & Odyssey, The S-men (Carlos Sosa, Junior Sanchez y Roger Sanchez), Paul Woolford remixing Years & Years, Tough Love, Secondcity, Maya Jane Coles, Breakbot and many more.

We are waiting for you next week with our list of the best top dance songs. Always with the best top music specially selected for you.

And remember that you also have the previous lists to hear again all those dance songs that you liked so much.


Tell us what you think about our list of Top House Music songs with all the new Electronic Dance Music and if you are missing any song there.
Waves of Top House Music
House Music Player

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