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New Electronic Dance Music • List of lastest dance songs of April 2018 (III)

by Apr 21, 2018Lists of songs

Our weekly list of songs with all the new Electronic Dance Music of April 2018. House, techno, disco... Top music specially selected for you.

April is out of hand and it is time to end our selection with all the new Electronic Dance Music of April 2018.

All the latest in house music, techno, disco music, deep house, tech house, nu-disco, drum ‘n’ bass, dance …

More than thirty top dance songs with the best electronic music specially compiled for you. So you can discover, enjoy and dance to them throughout the month.

Original mixes and remixes by Oliver, Yuksek, Tensnake, Riton, Duke Dumont, Gerd Janson, Scott Diaz, TIga, Harry Romero, ATFC, Chocolate Puma, Eddie Amador, Jack Beats, James Curd, Maya Jane Coles, Melé, Full Intention, Sub Focus, Arthur Baker, Superlover  and many more!

Listen to 30 seconds of each song below just clicking the record.
And if you like what you are listening to, you just have to connect to Logo Spotify, click on the green icon on the right Spotify and start listening to the songs in their entirety.
Just press play, listen, dance and share all the the new Electronic Dance Music with your friends!

New Electronic Dance Music of 2018

New Electronic Dance Music

List of top dance songs of April 2018 (III)

  • 'Up all night (Oliver Remix)' - Beck

    Up all night (Oliver Remix)


    Nu Disco
  • 'Icare (Yuksek Remix)' - Bertrand Burgalat + Yuksek

    Icare (Yuksek Remix)

    Bertrand Burgalat + Yuksek

    Nu Disco
  • 'Never enough (ft. Roisin Murphy) (Allovers Retouch)' - Boris Dlugosch

    Never enough (ft. Roisin Murphy) (Allovers Retouch)

    Boris Dlugosch

  • 'Roy Keane' - Brame & Hamo

    Roy Keane

    Brame & Hamo

  • 'Sylvia says (Tensnake Remix)' - Charlotte Gainsbourg

    Sylvia says (Tensnake Remix)

    Charlotte Gainsbourg

    Nu Disco
  • 'Wavey (ft. Alika) (Riton Remix)' - CliQ

    Wavey (ft. Alika) (Riton Remix)


  • 'Inhale (ft. Ebenezer)' - Duke Dumont

    Inhale (ft. Ebenezer)

    Duke Dumont

    Nu Disco
  • 'Summer girl (Gerd Janson Remix)' - Jamiroquai

    Summer girl (Gerd Janson Remix)


  • 'Bye Bye (ft. Alison Limerick)' - Lenny Fontana

    Bye Bye (ft. Alison Limerick)

    Lenny Fontana

  • 'Vernon' - Loga R.


    Loga R.

  • 'Be good 2 me' - Luxxury

    Be good 2 me


    Nu Disco
  • 'Larry's jam (Cleptomaniacs Mix)' - John Julius Knight

    Larry's jam (Cleptomaniacs Mix)

    John Julius Knight

  • 'Horny (Scott Diaz Gospel Excursion)' - Mousse T.

    Horny (Scott Diaz Gospel Excursion)

    Mousse T.

    Soulful House
  • 'You're so special' - Tiga & Clarian

    You're so special

    Tiga & Clarian

  • 'My my my!' - Troye Sivan

    My my my!

    Troye Sivan

  • 'Ahh umm (Harry Romero Remix)' - ATFC

    Ahh umm (Harry Romero Remix)


  • 'Gotta get away (ft. Chateau)' - Chocolate Puma

    Gotta get away (ft. Chateau)

    Chocolate Puma

  • 'House is from the soul (ft. Anna Pops)' - Eddie Amador

    House is from the soul (ft. Anna Pops)

    Eddie Amador

  • 'Vibrate (ft. Sir Michael Rocks)' - Jack Beats

    Vibrate (ft. Sir Michael Rocks)

    Jack Beats

  • 'Get low (ft. Likasto) (Black Loops Remix)' - James Curd

    Get low (ft. Likasto) (Black Loops Remix)

    James Curd

    Deep House
  • 'Get low (ft. Likasto) (Sonny Fodera Remix)' - James Curd

    Get low (ft. Likasto) (Sonny Fodera Remix)

    James Curd

  • 'Superhero (ft. Macy Gray)' - Just Us & Danny Byrd

    Superhero (ft. Macy Gray)

    Just Us & Danny Byrd

    Drum 'n' Bass
  • 'Hate me (ft. Patrick Cash) (Maya Jane Coles Remix)' - KDA

    Hate me (ft. Patrick Cash) (Maya Jane Coles Remix)


    Deep House
  • 'This ain't freedom (Superlover Remix)' - LIIFE & Roland Clark

    This ain't freedom (Superlover Remix)

    LIIFE & Roland Clark

  • 'Intergalactic plastic' - Luttrell

    Intergalactic plastic


    Progressive House
  • 'What you are' - Luttrell

    What you are


    Progressive House
  • 'Big boy' - Ninetoes

    Big boy


    Tech House
  • 'Nightmares (ft. Scott Quinn)' - Set Mo

    Nightmares (ft. Scott Quinn)

    Set Mo

  • 'Larry's beat' - Melé

    Larry's beat


  • 'Nobody' - Smokin' Jack Hill


    Smokin' Jack Hill

  • 'Different story' - The Night

    Different story

    The Night

  • 'On you (Aevion Remix)' - Michael Calfan

    On you (Aevion Remix)

    Michael Calfan

  • 'Topbrazil (Mr. A Remix)' - Fischerspooner

    Topbrazil (Mr. A Remix)


  • 'Join us (ft. Lisa Millett) (Full Intention Remix)' - David Penn

    Join us (ft. Lisa Millett) (Full Intention Remix)

    David Penn

  • 'On my mind (Rhythm of Paradise Mix)' - Cosmic Garden

    On my mind (Rhythm of Paradise Mix)

    Cosmic Garden

    Deep House
  • 'Never been in love' - Secondcity & Makree

    Never been in love

    Secondcity & Makree

  • 'Restless (Crazy P Vocal Mix)' - Sísý Ey

    Restless (Crazy P Vocal Mix)

    Sísý Ey

    Nu Disco
  • 'Into the groove (Amine Edge & DANCE Remix)' - Steve Lawler & Arthur Baker

    Into the groove (Amine Edge & DANCE Remix)

    Steve Lawler & Arthur Baker

    Tech House
  • 'Xperiel (GusGus Remix)' - The Trash Mermaids

    Xperiel (GusGus Remix)

    The Trash Mermaids

    Melodic House
  • 'Today (ft. Sui Zhen) (I Cube Mix)' - Tornado Wallace

    Today (ft. Sui Zhen) (I Cube Mix)

    Tornado Wallace

    Nu Disco
  • 'Mi hermano' - Yellocat

    Mi hermano


    Nu Disco
  • 'Take it up' - Wilkinson & Sub Focus

    Take it up

    Wilkinson & Sub Focus

    Drum 'n' Bass
This is the third and last part of our list of top dance songs with all the new Electronic Dance Music of April 2018. In the next few days we will give you the April list of top music with more new records.

May is just around the corner and it comes loaded with quality new electronic music. Always with the best top music specially selected for you.

And remember that you also have the previous lists to hear again all those dance songs that you liked so much.


Tell us what you think about our list of songs with all the new Electronic Dance Music of April 2018 and if you are missing any song there.
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