The latest Electronic Music • List of new songs of May 2018 (II)

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The best and the latest Electronic Music of May 2018 is in our list of dance songs. All genres: house music, techno, disco, deep house, tech house, nu-disco, EDM, dance, electronica... Top music specially selected for you. Listen, dance and share with your friends!

Waves with the best and the latest Electronic Music of May 2018
May is always a great month for new music. We offer you our second list of songs with the best and the latest electronic music of the moment.

Only new records and top music: house, techno, disco, deep house, tech house, nu-disco, drum ‘n’ bass, EDM music, electronica, dance…

Twenty five electronic dance music songs specially compiled for you. So you can discover, enjoy and dance to them throughout the month.

Original mixes and remixes by Art Department y Todd Terry, Azealia Banks, Bicep, Cedric Gervais remezclado por Superlover, Chus & Ceballos, David Morales, Deetron, Lawler, DJ Koze, Duke Dumont y TCTS, Dimitri from Paris, Low Steppa, MK y KC Lights remezclando a Paul Simon, Redlight, Terr… and many more!

Listen to a 30 seconds preview of each song below clicking the record. After all the previews you have a playlist if you feel like listening the whole songs.
Just press play, listen, dance and share all the the latest Electronic Music with your friends!

The latest Electronic Music is in House Music Player lists with the best dance songs

The latest Electronic Music

List of new dance songs of May 2018 (II)

  • 'Roots deep (ft. Roland Clark)' - Art Department & Todd Terry

    Roots deep (ft. Roland Clark)

    Art Department & Todd Terry

  • 'Anna Wintour' - Azealia Banks

    Anna Wintour

    Azealia Banks

  • 'Rain' - Bicep



    Deep House
  • 'Xpress yourself (ft. Shyam P)' - Black Legend

    Xpress yourself (ft. Shyam P)

    Black Legend

  • 'A brief history of lasers' - Brother Nebula

    A brief history of lasers

    Brother Nebula

  • 'One night (ft. Wealth) (Superlover’s Sex in the Disco Remix)' - Cedric Gervais

    One night (ft. Wealth) (Superlover’s Sex in the Disco Remix)

    Cedric Gervais

    Nu Disco
  • 'More I want U' - Chus & Ceballos

    More I want U

    Chus & Ceballos

    Tech House
  • 'Moon crash (Sneak & Tripmastaz SP1200 Fire Mix)' - Cuartero

    Moon crash (Sneak & Tripmastaz SP1200 Fire Mix)


    Tech House
  • 'Back home (ft. Alex Uhlmann)' - David Morales

    Back home (ft. Alex Uhlmann)

    David Morales

    Deep House
  • 'Choose me (ft. Steve Spacek) (Jupiter Version)' - Deetron

    Choose me (ft. Steve Spacek) (Jupiter Version)


  • 'I feel stereo (Lawler Remix)' - Dino Lenny

    I feel stereo (Lawler Remix)

    Dino Lenny

    Tech House
  • 'Pick up' - DJ Koze

    Pick up

    DJ Koze

    Nu Disco
  • 'Inhale (ft. Ebenezer) (TCTS Remix)' - Duke Dumont

    Inhale (ft. Ebenezer) (TCTS Remix)

    Duke Dumont

    Club House
  • 'Thugga' - Elléot



    Tech House
  • 'You (Scott Diaz Remix)' - George Mensah

    You (Scott Diaz Remix)

    George Mensah

    Tech House
  • 'Dust (Dimitri From Paris vs. Cotonete Remix)' - Gizelle Smith

    Dust (Dimitri From Paris vs. Cotonete Remix)

    Gizelle Smith

  • 'Stars (ft. Sam Sparro)' - Honey Dijon

    Stars (ft. Sam Sparro)

    Honey Dijon

  • 'No love (ft. Ayak) (Classic Mix)' - Low Steppa

    No love (ft. Ayak) (Classic Mix)

    Low Steppa

  • 'Saying (ft. Damon Albarn) (Kolsch Remix)' - Nic Fanciulli

    Saying (ft. Damon Albarn) (Kolsch Remix)

    Nic Fanciulli

  • 'Graceland (MK & KC Lights Remix)' - Paul Simon

    Graceland (MK & KC Lights Remix)

    Paul Simon

    Progressive House
  • 'Bump' - PAWSA



  • 'Napoletana' - Project Pablo


    Project Pablo

  • 'Gamma ray (Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs Remix)' - Redlight

    Gamma ray (Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs Remix)


    Deep House
  • 'House thing (48 Hours Mix)' - Roog & David Penn

    House thing (48 Hours Mix)

    Roog & David Penn

  • 'Have you ever' - Terr

    Have you ever



And if you like what you are listening to, you just have to connect to Logo Spotify to begin to listen to the whole tracks.

This is the second part of our list of dance songs with all the latest Electronic Music of May 2018.

Follow us. Next week we will give you more new electronic dance songs.

And remember that you also have the previous lists to hear again all those dance songs that you liked so much.

Waves with the best and the latest Electronic Music of May 2018
Tell us what you think about our list of songs with the latest Electronic Music of March 2018 and if you are missing any song there.


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