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The best top dance songs • New electronic music of September 2018 (I)

by Aug 31, 2018Lists of songs

The best top dance songs of September 2018 is in our list of electronic music. All genres: house music, techno, disco, deep house, tech house, nu-disco, EDM, dance, electronica... Top music specially selected for you. Listen, dance and share with your friends!

Electronic music waves with the best top dance songs
Summer is almost over, and so are holidays. But House Music Player is working overtime just to keep giving you new quality electronic dance music.

It’s time to give you the first list of tracks. The best top dance songs in house, techno, disco music, deep house, tech house, nu-disco, drum & bass, EDM music, electronica, dance …

More than twenty songs with the latest electronic dance music specially compiled for you, so you can discover them little by little and enjoy them throughout this month.

Original mixes and remixes by Theo Kottis, Alex Virgo, Gerd Janson remixing Christine & the Queens, Ejeca, Low Steppa, Lenny Kravitz remixing David Guetta, Friction, The Juan MacLean & CHVRCHES, Jamie Jones, James Curd, Shift K3Y and many more!

Listen to a 30 seconds preview of each song below clicking the record. After all the previews you have a playlist if you feel like listening the whole songs.
Just press play, listen, dance and share all the the best top dance songs with your friends!

Equipo hi-fi para escuchar lo más nuevo y lo mejor de la música electrónica para bailar en las listas de canciones de House Music Player

The best top dance songs

List of new electronic music of September 2018 (I)

  • 'Sky' - Theo Kottis


    Theo Kottis

  • 'Sexy boy (Heartthrob Remix)' - Alex Virgo

    Sexy boy (Heartthrob Remix)

    Alex Virgo

    Jackin' House
  • 'Damn, dis-moi (ft. Dâm-Funk) (Gerd Janson's Balearic Remix)' - Christine and The Queens

    Damn, dis-moi (ft. Dâm-Funk) (Gerd Janson's Balearic Remix)

    Christine and The Queens

  • 'Find me' - EJECA

    Find me


  • 'I wanna (Illyus & Barrientos Remix)' - Sean Roman

    I wanna (Illyus & Barrientos Remix)

    Sean Roman

  • 'Lost in translation (Smokin Jack Hill Remix)' - Youngr

    Lost in translation (Smokin Jack Hill Remix)


    Club House
  • 'Back up off the wall (Wild Pitch Mix)' - DJ Sneak & DJ Pierre

    Back up off the wall (Wild Pitch Mix)

    DJ Sneak & DJ Pierre

    Deep House
  • 'Promo tool' - Low Steppa

    Promo tool

    Low Steppa

  • 'Low (David Guetta Remix)' - Lenny Kravitz

    Low (David Guetta Remix)

    Lenny Kravitz

  • 'Entirety (ft. A.M.E.)' - Shift K3Y

    Entirety (ft. A.M.E.)

    Shift K3Y

    Club House
  • 'Picture' - Karen Harding


    Karen Harding

    Club House
  • 'Badass' - Born Dirty & Anna Lunoe


    Born Dirty & Anna Lunoe

    Future House
  • 'Talk (ft. Linae)' - Oliver Nelson

    Talk (ft. Linae)

    Oliver Nelson

    Nu Disco
  • 'How he works (ft. Likasto)' - James Curd

    How he works (ft. Likasto)

    James Curd

  • 'Classic traxx' - Astre

    Classic traxx


  • 'Didn't I (Acid Mix)' - Unknown Artist

    Didn't I (Acid Mix)

    Unknown Artist

  • 'Sleepwalking (Jamie Jones Remix)' - Elderbrook

    Sleepwalking (Jamie Jones Remix)


  • 'Miracle (The Juan Maclean Remix)' - CHVRCHES

    Miracle (The Juan Maclean Remix)


  • 'Dancing (ft. JP Cooper)' - Friction

    Dancing (ft. JP Cooper)


    Drum 'n' Bass
  • 'Hold up the crown (ft. Ky Lenz)' - Danny Byrd

    Hold up the crown (ft. Ky Lenz)

    Danny Byrd

    Drum 'n' Bass
  • 'Back in the building' - Ferdinand Weber

    Back in the building

    Ferdinand Weber

And if you like what you are listening to, you just have to connect to Logo Spotify to begin to listen to the whole tracks.
This is the first list of top dance songs with the all the best new Electronic Dance Music of September 2018.

In the next few days we will introduce you the rest of the records. Songs by Krystal Klear remixing Terr, Eli Brown, Riton, Amine Edege & DANCE, Erick Morillo and Harry Romero, Tough Love, Gerd Janson’s remix of “Neutron dance”, SG Lewis, Robyn’s comeback, Hervé, A-Trak with Todd Terry, Jacques Renault, Lifelike remixing Moon Boots, Illyus & Barrientos…. ¡We’re waiting for you!

And remember that you also have the previous lists to hear again all those dance songs that you liked so much.


Electronic music waves with the best top dance songs
Tell us what you think about our first list of top dance songs of July 2018 and if you are missing anything there.
House Music Player

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